Anne V. McGravie

May 11th, 2017 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Anne V. McGravie”

Rivendell should have been around in the sixties, when women were struggling to be heard. When our plays were labeled “kitchen-sink drama.” When we formed groups of playwrights, directors, actors, believing that numbers would make an impression. When we attended conferences and pleaded our cause to be heard. When at one conference in Chicago a panel of men suggested we invite poets to write plays because “theatre needed stimulating.” When the artistic director of one Chicago theatre assured us that he did a woman’s play every year, but explained that it was always a play about a woman.

Where was Rivendell? Its artistic Director, Tara Mallen, and the finely tuned artistic talent she is surrounded by were yet to be born…But now they are here, changing our landscape and our opportunities, not only giving us fine plays by women, but by those productions giving voice loudly and clearly to women in our changing world. Cheers to Rivendell!

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