Civic Partners

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble proudly acknowledges its civic partners whose annual contributions provide major programming support.


Season Sponsor: The A.C.T. Group Ltd.

March 2016 – March 2018

$25,000 and up
Chicago Community Trust–Smart Growth
The Reva and David Logan Foundation

The Lester and Hope Abelson Fund
The Alphawood Foundation
Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
Albert Pick Jr. Fund

The Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development
The Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
The Chicago Foundation for Women
Cultural Outreach Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Northern Trust
SIF Funds at the Chicago Community Trust
The University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement

Up to $2,499
Lakeside Bank

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble is proud to be a part of the Chicago Community Trust’s most recent selection of SMART Growth recipients. 


Individual Contributors

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble sincerely appreciates the following individuals for their efforts to advance our work.


March 2016 – March 2018

Toni and John Burt
Daniel Cyganowski (In Memory of Carol K. Cyganowski)
Sharon Furiya
Scott and Jody Mallen
Brian Nitzkin

$2,500 – $4,999
Aleen Bayard
Joan and Mike Callahan
Cathleen Cudnowski Dixon and David Dixon
Dawn and Rick Gray
Tara Mallen
Maureen Miller
Elvia Moreno
Don Wiener

$1,000 – $2,499
Cindy Barnard and Leonard Grossman
Tim Bresnahan
Regina Cairo
Candace Corr and BJ Jones
Jason Cox
Erica Daniels
Dorothy Harza
Cynthia Hines
Jack and Kathy Lavin
Andrea McDermott
Jo Moore
Emily Moreno
Peter Morris
Katie Mueller
David Pinkerton
Barbara and Robert Richards
Shera Street
Scott Verissimo
Patrick Walsh and Jeanne Lamar


$500 – $999
Anthony Churchill
Charles and Barbara Denison
Prudence Ruzicka DePew
Sunny and Paul Fischer
Hallie Gordon
Brenda and James Grusecki
Becky Huinker
Laura Lerner
Bruce Litt
Michael Litt
Tom McGuire and Tom Hackett
Catherine Painter
Dr. Daniel Robinson
Frank and Karen Schneider
Susan Shevelenko
Rebecca Spence
Natalie Stacker
Steve and Janice Toben
Rick Yule


$250 – $499

Judith Adams
John Brazzale
Mary Carravallah
Rainee Denham
Joan Fisch
Jean Fishbeck and Judy Popovich
Sherry Gaspar
Ann Herrick
Cynthia Ho
Joel Drake Johnson and Larry Salzman
Martina Schlauch Jones and Tim Jones
Monice Kaczorowski
Ruth Kadota
Sandor Kovacs
Andrew Lehrer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Licht
Brian and Shaida Lynch
Marissa Manos and Carmen Gallucci
Anne McGravie
Jaime and Anna Moreno
Deborah Parkhurst
Jerry Proffit
Elizabeth Raymond and Paul Hybel
Matt Rosin
Yolonda Sivak
Kelly Stone
Ginny Sykes
Meosha Thomas
Guy VanSwearingen
James Wilson


$100 – $249
Jonathan Abarbanel
Jim and Sharon Bakker
Jeffrey Bakker and Cindy Dorsch
Mark Ballogg
Georgia Bennett
Margot and Charlie Brinley
Suzanne Baker Brown
Janet Burroway
Susan Cargill
Megan Carney
Victoria Carney
Alyson Carrel
Ann Christophersen and Amy Blumenthal
Sheila Clerkin
Patrick and Krista Collins
James Cox
Pat Curtis
Kathy Dalton and Lana Baumeister
Silvino Da Silva
Emily and Jason DeSanto
Michele Dragisity (In Memory of Martha Lavey)
Carol Eastin
Diane Ervin
Jessica and Brent Ervin-Eickhoff
Diane Fairchild
Margaret Finegan
Cindy Firing
Colleen Flanigan
Chad and Terra Fuller
Brigid Gerace
Grace Gibbs
Susan Greenberg
Lee Greenhouse
Reema Habiby
Maureen Halloran
Michele Hansen
Quinn Hanzel
Andrea Herrera
Christine Holm
Sheila Hooper
Jake Hoover
Jill Houk
Martha Hudak
Julie Jensen
Joan Kohn
Julie Koerner
Holli Kosogof
Barbara Lanctot
Robert Lavey (In Memory of Martha Lavey)
Carol Levin
Jennifer Masi
Joel and Holly McAllister
Michelle McVay
Andrea Mitchel
Mary Lee Montague
Roberta Morris
Laura Mueller
Marc Mullendore and Mark Clymer
Sally Parsons
Nick Patricca (In Memory of Martha Lavey)
Michael Powills
Merril Prager
Deborah Rogers
Lynn Rosen and Michael Mendelsohn
Elizabeth Schraft
Sharon Seeder
Anna Sharp
Trina Sheridan
Amy Shivvers
Eva Silverman
Erin Sines
Sharon and Judd Sirott
Lauren Sivak
Norm Sloan
Venetia Stiffler and Michael Hughes
Chris Tapas
Cathy Taylor
Mark Ulrich
Jane Ungari
Yvonne Vasquez
Judith and Roger Wallenstein
Carol and Brad White
Cheryl Yuen and Thomas Chin
Shelley Ziacik
Keith Chase Ziolek
Charlotte Ziporyn


Rivendell Theatre Ensemble would also like to thank the generous individual donors who have contributed up to $99. Your support is vital. THANK YOU.

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