Statement From RTE

Don’t Just Stand There.  Do Something.  


We are aghast and sickened by the hatred and violence being unleashed against our black brothers and sisters. As a company, we stand with the black communities in Chicago – and the nation. We stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family and friends.   

We recognize America has systematically weighed down black people struggling to do right for themselves and their loved ones. We will not stand back and remain silent. Silence is the tool of the oppressors and one of the most powerful cornerstones of injustice. We support those speaking out.  We support those taking action.  We stand with all who are fighting for racial equality.    

In this excruciating moment we urge you to join the Rivendell Family in taking action. Here is a list of suggested resources that offer a place to begin in this battle against white supremacy. If you would like to share additional spaces, organizations or efforts to add, please let us know.   

Support George Floyd’s family directly through their GoFundMepage.

Donate to Black Women’s Blueprint providing a blueprint for
black liberation through a feminist lens.

Donate to Assata’s Daughters, organizing for Black women and girls
and collective liberation.

Support our local chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Give to RAICES which defends the rights of immigrants and advocates for liberty and justice.

Donate to the Chicago Community Bond Fund or the Minnesota Freedom Fund to support bail for any arrests.

Give to The Black Star Project  focused on closing the racial academic achievement gap in Black communities.

Watch this video of Neil Degrasse Tyson on being Black, and Women in Science.

Support black businesses. Find them on WeBuyBlack, The Black Wallet, and Official Black Wall Street.  

Read the Medium Article 75 Things White People Can Do for Social Justice.   

Then, do something for Social Justice.  

All of us at Rivendell Theatre Ensemble


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