Curated by Megan Carney and Rebekah Scallet

August 12, 2010

An ensemble-devised exploration of war as seen through a woman’s lens, this special gathering engages artists throughout the city of Chicago, including female veterans, to craft a portrait of women in wartime throughout history. The Salon will be a blend of live performance, video projection, and installation inspiring dialogue and challenging our perceptions of a “woman warrior.”

“Would ye be wise, ye Cities, fly from war!”
— Cassandra, from Euripides’ The Trojan Women

Those words,written over two thousand years ago, still echo with force today in a world in which cities have yet to learn a new response to political unrest. Euripides’ famous Greek tragedy stands out both for its anti-war message and its primary cast of characters. The story does not feature the men who wage war, but the women whose lives are destroyed by it.

Chicago’s Landmark Ridge Firehouse (5714 N. Ridge Avenue)

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