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As an immigrant and woman of color, it is really important for me that women in my family and community learn to stand up and fight for their rights, and if they are passionate about something to not let anyone discourage them from pursuing it. Having theaters like Rivendell, that bring voices of women on and off the stage, is really important to me.”

–Fash Khan

Fash is no stranger to Rivendell. She began coming to the theatre 18 years ago as part of our complimentary ticket outreach program with Theodore Roosevelt High School, and she is still coming—bringing new audiences with her. Fash is now a community organizer, and the stories we bring to the stage directly reflect her life and work.

YOU make this impact on the community possible. Your choice to invest in Rivendell allows us to bring stories inclusive of all experiences to the stage. In 2018, we brought you stories about post-partum depression, gay marriage, and sexism in the workplace. And we’re not stopping there. In 2019 Rivendell will continue to serve as a haven for new work that tells compelling stories through a female lens. For 24 years we have created and produced work with women at the core, and in our current socio-political climate that work is more important than ever before.

We need you.

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