A bit about Rivendell Town Halls:

Our town halls happen after select Saturday matinees, and are an essential touchstone for our organization to extend the conversation from the stage to the community. Ensemble members moderate a panel discussion on a topic from the production. Panelists help field questions, present observations, and participate in supporting a thoughtful, in-depth dialogue for all involved. Audience participants need not be present for the Saturday matinee and are welcome to join the conversation following the performance.

Town Hall conversations for The Firebirds Take the Field are scheduled for:

May 13, 2017: “Parts of the Whole – Examining the effects of shared trauma: multi-generational, community and mental illness.”

May 20, 2017: “Hysteria to Conversion Disorder: The Treatment of Women’s Mental Health”

Click here for more information on topics and panelists.

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