Rivendell’s 2019 Season

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble is pleased to share details on our 2019 Season. This year will mark 24 years advancing the lives of women through theatre.


I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart 
By Morgan Gould
Directed by Jessica Fisch
Midwest premiere
February 14 – March 23, 2019
Samantha and Leo are a team—best friends and roommates, fat girl and gay guy against the world—until a new friend upends their cozy co-dependent diet of mutual self-loathing and Grey’s Anatomy marathons. An ode to the complications of friendship in its many fucked-up forms, with a special nod to a kind of love that sometimes looks a lot like rage.
Produced first at D.C.’s Studio theatre, I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart challenges assumptions around niceness, beauty, and mainstream acceptance as it upends traditional narratives about fat women—Gould herself identifies openly as such—by putting a fat woman at its center. I’m not chubby or big-boned,” says Gould. “I’m fat. That’s who I am”.
Something Clean
By Selina Fillinger
Directed by Lauren Shouse
Co-production with Sideshow at Victory Gardens Richard Christiansen Theater
Midwest premiere
June 16 – July 21, 2019
Charlotte has been a mother for nineteen years, a wife for three decades and a respectable community member her entire life. But when her son is incarcerated for sexual assault, Charlotte is forced to reckon with a brand new identity, both public and private. Desperate to find a way back to who she was, she seeks out work at a sexual assault crisis center and meets Joey, a volunteer coordinator and a survivor of assault himself, who allows her a glimpse of who she might be able to become. Can she find a new understanding of who she is? Or has someone else’s crime defined her forever? Inspired by today’s headlines, Selina Fillinger’s breathtaking new drama follows one woman’s struggle to make sense of her own grief, intimacy, culpability and consent.
Something Clean was commissioned and developed by Sideshow Theatre Company and will open at Sideshow following its upcoming world premiere at Roundabout Theatre Company, New York City, in spring 2019.
3rd Show: TBD
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble is known for our high quality productions that keep women’s stories at the core. Thank you for going on our 2019 adventure with us! We can’t wait to share how the year will end!

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