A Proud Moment - A Hell of a Party

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 11:56 AM

By Trisha Hooper

“Look out, y’all… Rivendell is throwing a party!”

I don’t know how many of you have been to a Rivendell celebration, but in addition to producing important and thought-provoking work – we throw a hell of a party. Especially when we have the opening of our brand new, gorgeous theatre to celebrate!

For those of you who couldn’t join us on Wednesday for Fresh Produce, you missed a night of good food and drink, good friends, good theatre and an amazing amount of good will. I feel so overwhelmed by the support people have shown us throughout this process – we absolutely cannot do what we do without an entire community of support behind us.

We were host to over 80 people on Wednesday night (psst… that’s 30 over our seating capacity… we were PACKED!) and I truly feel it was one of Rivendell’s proudest moments. In addition to showing off our fancy new digs, we got to share new and exciting work with our patrons, continuing the Women at War theme that we’ve been exploring for the past few seasons.

The issue of Women at War is so very important to Rivendell – and it is becoming more evident everyday that women in the military have issues that need to be addressed on a wider scale. We are honored to help bring awareness to the community, and to be able to do it with help from some amazing female veterans. Emily Siefken is one vet in particular who has been working with Rivendell on the Theater of War and Women at War projects. She had this to say about the event on Wednesday:

“Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms, hearing stories of military women, and actually, wholeheartedly, caring about them…. You are doing profound work.”

In addition to having a great party, we have more great news from Wednesday – the generous donations we collected at the event helped us meet the minimum qualification for the 2-to-1 matching grant we received from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation. Yay Rivendell, and thanks to everyone that contributed!

I look forward to many more parties and events at our new home – can’t wait to see you there!

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